Wunderland is committed to being active contributing members of the community.

Being a family owned and operated small business for over 50 years, we are proud to honor as many charitable contributions as possible. Wunderland receives thousands of requests for donations each year as so we ask you submit no more than one request per year. In response to these requests, we have developed criteria to help us best serve those in need of our assistance.

Donations Guideline

  • We do not provide donations to individuals, corporate requests for non-profit events, and political events.
  • We generally limit our responses to local schools and church youth groups.
  • We do not donate cash! We typically donate items such as free game room admissions and fun cards for games.
  • Please allow for processing time regarding your request. We typically send donations around 30 days prior to your event. If your event is less than 30 days away your request may not be fulfilled. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every request we receive- we are simply too small of a company.
  • All fields must be fully completed to be considered. If all fields below are not filled out entirely, or if your event does not fall within our criteria specified above, or our allocated contribution budget has been met, your donation request will not be considered.
  • Your request must be made on-line with all the information requested completed in full. Inquiries sent via telephone, email, fax, or otherwise will not be considered. If you have submitted your request within our guidelines and have not heard from us and your event is less than 2 weeks out you may call to check on your request.
  • We hope that you understand our donation philosophy and limitations. If you meet these guidelines and would like to submit a request online, click the button below to make your request.

Donation Request Form