With playful snowball fights, futuristic eSports, high energy dance-offs, and zombie invasions, we have something fun for people of all ages and skill levels.

This award-winning virtual reality technology and experience will transport customers into worlds only previously existing in dreams and the most fantastical science fiction movies. Hologate VR can accommodate teams up to 4 players in a physically engaging virtual reality experience that transports players into a new dimension. Once the players put on the headsets, the advanced technology creates a realistic experience unlike any other. It is a fully immersive game that is easy to learn but difficult to master for players of any age or skill level. Keep playing to discover new worlds, obtain the high score, and earn bragging rights among your friends!

This attraction may be too intense for some guests.

Guests under the age of 7 may not be allowed to play due to equipment size requirements.

Price per game after paying general admission
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per person per ride

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Thrilling Adventures

Cold Clash Poster

Cold Clash

Take control of your very own hovercraft and snowball launcher to hurl and dodge snowballs, all whilst collecting gold coins.

Groove Guardians Poster

Groove Guardians

Move to the groove by punching the notes away! In this wildly entertaining rhythm based dance battle game, players must hit incoming beats in time with the music.

Rig Rebels Poster

Rig Rebels

Team up with your friends and raid a futuristic facility in this action-packed PvP shoot-fest, where players can use their hands to move around the highly-detailed steam punk environment.

Samurai Arena Poster

Simurai Arena

Highly competitive player vs. player game. Challenge your opponents in this high-tech version of “capture the flag”.

Samurau Poster


Work together as a team to fend off waves of menacing mech-spiders, robots and drones to prepare yourselves to defeat bigger enemies like the giant Sumo-Bot and the mighty Dragon-Boss.

Zombyte Poster


Band together as a S.W.A.T. – Zombie Weapons and Tactics team to engage in an adrenalin-soaked battle against wave after wave of oncoming hoards of the infected undead.

Zombyte 2.0

Unearthed with even more grabbing, biting, slashing by a new batch of the most unimaginable ghastly forms for more spine-tingling fun!

Captain Cook Poster

Captain Cook

Family friendly, cooperative cooking game where you need to cut, grill and serve meals to hungry pirates before time runs out.

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